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were always taken for t▓wins, the elder

being small for his● age and the younger large.{83} Two ●years passed, and another baby came.▓This was the first little girl, and p●apa wished to name her for his mother, ▓Charlotte Ann, and mamma asked that part● of Aunt Blythe’s name be a▓dded—her name was Elizabeth France▓s.She had died the winter be●fore, and mamma missed her dreadfully.So the● little girl wa

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household with its n▓umber of servants, y

ou could always disting●uish those devoted to my mother, wh▓o always spoke of “Miss Fanny,” and those dev●oted to my father, who spoke of “▓Miss Cha’lot.” But I never knew this from mamm▓a, and do not know if it were so.Hearing of he●r only from mamma, I only knew of her a●s Fanny, my perfectly beautiful● little sister. Of these years I▓ know very little, nothing, indeed, exc●ept that my parents went the summer following t▓o Newport and New York, and visited papa’▓s uncle, the great painter, Washington All▓ston, in Boston.When Mr.Flagg was looking● over the great man’s letters pr●eparatory to publishing his life and letters, h▓e found one from Washington Allston to his ▓mother, speaking of this visit and of my mother●’s beauty and charm; and Mr.Fl●agg very kindly sent this letter to ●my{84} mothe

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a contest among m●y nieces and nephews a

s to who wi●ll be the lucky one to whom I leave● it.Mamma was greatly impressed by the ethereal● beauty of the artist.She had at ▓this time as nurse for the baby a woman ▓from the State of New York, who took t▓he little one in to see and be seen by her ●great-uncle.When she came o●ut of the studio she said to mamma: “Sure●ly, your uncle has the face of an an●gel, ma’am.” Three years passed, mamma very● happy with her little family of inter●esting children, two of them so beautiful that● wherever they went the nurse was st▓opped on the street by those who remar●ked on the wonderful beauty of Robert and Fanny.▓ Poor, dear little Ben was neither ▓beautiful nor strong, but he ha▓d a good mind and powerful will.Mam▓ma often went to Charleston to vi▓sit her brother and sisters there, for by ▓this time the youngest siste●r, Harriet, was also married to a youn●g and very clever lawyer, Henry Dea▓s Lesesne, who was in the law office● of James L.Petigru, and she had▓ her charming home in Charleston;